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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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in the case before the supreme court. kristin perry and sandy who have four children. >> there should be a permanent legal solution to this problem of our constitutional rights. >> they say the case is not just about their rights as a couple but the rights of their entire family. >> it is very important for children to grow up feeling like they have the same protections as everybody else. they're equal. they don't have to worry about being second class citizens when they grow up. >> it is not a denial that two parents of the same sex can't love the children in their home. but there is one thing they can't give the children. that is a mother or a father. >> polls show that attitudes have changed dramatically in recent times. that the majority of americans now favoring gay marriage. the archbishop says he doesn't want to be defined by what he is against and he labels himself as someone who wants to preserve the traditional definition of marriage. he says no matter what happens on tuesday with the supreme court, he would like there to be a civil debate.
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in san francisco, nbc bay area news. new details tonight. two of the marines involved in a double murder-suicide at the quantico training base in virginia are from the bay area. the gunman, 25-year-old sergeant lopez is from pacifica. a highly decorated marine, he served in iraq and afghanistan before becoming a trainer at quantico. his female victim, 19-year-old lance corporal sarah cast rowmatta. she was promoted to lance corporal last month. lopez also killed another person from mississippi. and nbc have learned the three were involved in a love triangle. all three worked at the officer candidates school. tragedy in fairfield as an oakland boy drowns in a backyard pool. it happened about 11:30 this morning on howe court. the family had gone there to visit friends. the 7-year-old was found floating in the pool of he was pulled from the water by one of
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the residents who tried to revive the child by following cpr instructions from police dispatchers but the boy was pronounced dead. no foul play is suspected. a 10-year-old boy is dead after a display board crashed down on him and his family at an airport in alabama. >> reporter: this is the 300 plus flight display sign that collapsed friday afternoon on to a mother and her four children in the birmingham shuttle's airport newly opened terminal. >> it is sad. very sad. >> reporter: the family from kansas city were all taken to the hospital where 10-year-old luke later died from his injuries. the accident occurred in the terminal's presecurity area. and several people had to jump in to hoist the sign off the family, according to birmingham fire and rescue officials. >> a little chaos because people were scrambling, trying to help. >> reporter: you can see it takes several men to lift the massive sign. what brought the display board
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down? >> i really don't know. i'm not qualified to answer that as far as why it fell. all we know is that it fell. >> reporter: an ordeal that caught many people off guard since the terminal only opened 16 days ago. >> my thought was god bless them and be with them. and i don't know how bad. i mean, i just now got here. >> reporter: in a statement, the birmingham airport authority spokesperson says, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time. the racing was back at at marysville park in sacramento. they hosted the first race since it claimed two lives a week ago. hundreds of fans remembered a 68-year-old man and 14-year-old marcus johnson of petaluma before the race began. the two were killed when a car driven by johnson's cousin crashed into the pit area. the race has been controversial but officials say it was impossible to reschedule the
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race. san jose police released a picture today and they want to you take a good look at it. this is man stabbed and killed a san jose mother yesterday. it happened in broad daylight in a parking lot across the street from the sheriff's department. 25-year-old juan ramirez had allegedly been stalking the person for two years. the 29-year-old leaves behind a 10-year-old son. >> she was doing all the right things. she was contacting the police department. she was reporting these crimes. she was puck out restraining orders trying to protect herself from this individual. it is very unfortune that this happened. it appeared that she was doing everything she could do to avoid it. >> investigators say ramirez may be headed to mexico, possibly driving a dark green 1996 toyota pickup truck similar to the one you see in that picture. santa clara county had a buy back for guns today. young people came to drop off
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everything from gang colored clothing and shoes to small weapons will it was held at the most holy church in san jose. as part of the third annual unity day. across town, more than 500 handguns, shotguns and rifles were collected. the founder of east side heroes which co-hosted the event said it was a response to decades of gang violence in east san jose. >> the unique portion of this event is turning in gang supplies, brass knuckles, things the kids themselves are motivated to bring in. we had the middle schoolers drop off a bag of many 20 clothes items, gang-related items. a peace walk followed it complete with its own mariachi band. they have the highest number of gang-related arrests in the city. next at 11:00, what many saw as a home court advantage was not enough for the cal bears. a the love fans still walked
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away smiling. we'll have a live report. plus the bay area was more than a little late for earth hour tonight. we'll tell you why. come on. you can do it. >> we'll introduce you to the florida dheept tackled an alligator getting too close to comfort to a movie school. and after temperatures today climbed back into the 70s, we are tracking dry conditions. so therefore that allergy forecast remains high and uncomfortable. good news is there is rain in the forecast. we'll show you that coming up a little later.
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tonight at hp pavilion, the third round of the ncaa tournament for bay area basketball fans, the feature attraction, pitted the cal bears against the syracuse orange. nbc bay area kimberly teri is live. here's the question. did the blue and gold leave the orange black and blue? >> reporter: unfortunately for cal fans, no, the bears couldn't get the upper hand in this game. and their season came to an end tonight. cal fans predicted it would be a tight game but they were still hoping for a win. >> cal, buzzer beater by 1 in overtime. >> reporter: no such luck. syracuse clinched the win 66-60. >> we were so sad that they didn't play better but syracuse had a great defense. >> there was more talent on syracuse' team, i get. they tried but they lost. >> they didn't shoot enough. a lot of dribbling.
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a lot of passing. got to shoot to win. >> one of the top assist men in the country. >> number four syracuse was a higher seed going into the match-up with number 12 cal. but golden bears fans were hoping playing so close to berkeley would give them home court advantage. >> they didn't take advantage of it. they made too many mistakes and didn't play well enough to win the game. >> do you think they have the home court advantage? >> i don't know. there were a lot of syracuse fans. they need to be more supportive. >> do you think that would have helped? >> i think so. they would have gotten a lot of energy from the crowd. >> despite the loss, fans say it was great to see cal play in the big dance. >> it was awesome. my first time coming into the march madness game and it was a good experience. my birthday, too. that makes it even better. >> i've never seen them play up close in a big game like this so it was cool to see. >> did you have them in your bracket? >> yeah.
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my bracket is pretty busted now. >> reporter: syracuse will play the winner of tomorrow's game between indiana and temple. orange is now in the sweet 16. live in san jose. nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you for letting us down easy. rapping for justice, a group of young artists got together. their goal to raise money for the oscar grant foundation. oscar gran was unarmed when he was killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer on new years day in 2009. >> being an activist, she being a raptavist to combine the two so we can better reach out to our youth so they can be better informed through the lyrics of music. in order to transform and encourage them to be politically and socially involved in our community. >> the money will provide victims of police violence with emergency counseling and to assist families with other resources. landmarks in the bay area and all over the world for that matter went dark tonight in honor of earth hour.
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from 8:30 until 9:30 tonight, local time, the light switches were flips so to speak. here in the bay area there was a bit of a 38. the tower went dark late so did the bay bridge because of the art installation, it never weapon completely dark. the san francisco water front as well as people in private homes turned off lights to show respect for the environment and concern about climate change. san francisco was named earth hour capital this year. when a florida deputy spotted a seven foot long scaly intruder near a middle school this week, she did not think twice about wrestling it. and it was all caught on camera. stephanie shows us. >> she is serious. >> reporter: most people wouldn't dare wrestle with an alligat alligator. and then there is jessica macgregor. a lake county sheriff's deputy who could possibly take on alligator trapping as a side job will. >> worked him back and forth and got him tired enough to tape his
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jaw shut. >> reporter: she is the school resource officer at claremont middle school. tuesday afternoon she started hearing complaints about a gator near school grounds. >> i didn't want to risk her getting into the residential neighborhoods that were right there. >> reporter: so she took mat enters into her own hands, literally as you can see by this picture. >> come on. you can do it. radar school employee took cell phone video of her wrestling the seven foot, 250 pound reptile. deputy macgregor said she first lassoed it. then she put tape around its mouth. >> i put tape over its eyes. they're down into their heads. it calmed him down and made it less stressful for the alligator while we were waiting. >> she said her expertise comes from her childhood growing up in lake county. >> we had a bit of acre ang and a lot of water. if we saw them, we would move
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them around and get them out of the property. the gator will be turned over to the wildlife commission. coming up, the rain on the way and tim lincecum running out of time. looking to find his groove this spring. spring training highlights next in sports. hello?
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some people call what's coming this way nuisance rain. if you have allergies, it won't be a soos answer at all. >> the good news is it will
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carry that allergen forecast a little bit down over the next couple days. we won't be looking at extreme allergies except tomorrow. it will be another dry day. temperatures, very seasonal. we'll climb back into the lower 70s inland. at the coast, lower 60s. very similar to the very exact same weather pattern we had today. high pressure in control. the temperatures are cooling. very nicely into the 40s. still holding on to the low 60s. here is our next series of storm systems we're tracking. they're still 900 miles out into the pacific. here's the first one. that will impact us by the upcoming week and the second one starting to get its act together. you definitely want to continue to stay tuned with the forecast as we get closer to this upcoming holiday weekend forecast. the first one is through wednesday. it will only offer a little rain. that first willon give us about
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a trace of an ink to about a tenth of an inch. the second one, that's the one we're more concerned about. the only reason being is it will move more slowly. it will be with us for a few days. not only for friday but possibly for saturday and for sunday. it will be one of those things you refer to as a cut-off low. cut-off the main flow of the jet stream. it will meander as we head toward the upcoming week. definitely something to watch. we showed how much rain we could see with this particular system. you may notice as you watched earlier, quite a bit different. in fact the computer model shows we can see about a quarter of an inch across the greater bay area. this is something that is updated and as we continue to get closer, saturday, sunday, of course, next week. we'll keep you posted with the amounts of rainfall. for tomorrow, we'll start out dry. the temperatures not too bad in the upper 30s to low 40s. tomorrow afternoon, 70 nr los
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gatos. you get into the east bay. you satisfy the warmer numbers into the tri-valley. 71 in pleasanton. and of course, san francisco, 68 there. in the north bay, you head out to get some wayne in. maybe have wine country. time for your sunday. the temperatures very comfortable. 71 to 72. there you notice on the seven-day forecast, the rain does move through as we mentioned. it won't be a huge soaker. we're talking about maybe a quarter of an inch. that will come again over the course of four to five days of we're used to getting two to three inches of rain in the course of a few days. every little drop in the bucket. >> it will take the pollen out of the air. a lot of people appreciate that. >> thanks very much. aware going to bring you in for a look at sports. >> how is it going? a ton going on. we'll start with basketball. the last tame cal basketball
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advanced to the sweet 16, tony gonzalez was on the team. that was 997. but a win overseer accuse would put them back in the round of 16. we'll get to the highlights. we'll go to the second half. cal trailed by as many as 14. wallace for 3. the bears down 7. next possession. syracuse trying to beat the press. they could not do it. they turn it over. check this out. looking for allen krabbe. cal is out of the tournament. they lose 66-60. >> i really feel they're that much better. you have to give credit to them. they played the zone really well. we're not used to playing a whole 40 minutes. usually if we play a team, it is only 40 minutes. a whole 40 minutes for a team to do that. it seemed like we could get into a good rhythm on offense.
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>> the warriors beginning a 5-game home stand. in fact, he passes chris mullen for the most threes in warriors history. fourth quarter, curry getting the steal. he is tripped by cartier mountain and he goes down. rolling his right ankle on the play. curry would limp around for a few minutes and leave the game. he's had so many problems with that ankle. the x-rays did come back negative though. and the warriors won. >> don't worry about my ankle. it another little episode. i will work through it like i usually do. get my treatment and get ready for monday. the lakers are coming in and they're a team right behind us to lead that game. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure i'm ready. >> how about some wabl? a's and giants. bill gates supporting the orange and black.
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a two-run shot. johan cespedes. lincecum, five run in three innings pitched. the highlight for the giants. brandon belt. he has seven this spring. seven all of last year. the a's get the win. the sharks trying to hold on to that eighth spot in the west visiting the wild. the wild on the power play from zach parise. sharks down 1-0. they had no offense. another power play. sturngon past niemi. the final was 2-0. now ninth in the western conference standings. the cal women got in on the madness getting their first win in the tournament. i told you there was a ton going on. >> you're right and you got it all in. still to come, one of the
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most iconic cathedrals in the world rang new bells for the first time in 160 years. we'll let you listen in.
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the bells of the famous notre dame cathedral in paris are tolling a different tune tonight. that was the sound of new bells. ten of them making their first official ring today. thousands of preegss turned out for it. the four former bells from the 1850s were being criticized for being loud and lacking harmony. they are expected to chime very nicely for the next 300 years. saturday night live up next.
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can i get you anything else, mr. president? [ cheers and applause ] >> well, uh, no, no, i'm fine. thank you, jeremy. >> good night, mr. president, and congratulations again. that was very moving having your inauguration fall on martin luther king day. >> yes, that was, that was etty special. [ laughter ] so four more years. [ clock chimes ] ♪
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>> barack! barack obama! [ laughter ] >> it is i, the reverend martin luther king junior and i have come to visit with you on the night of this historic inauguration. >> this is incredible. there is so much i want to discuss with you. >> and i with you, barack. >> so tell me, dr. king, have i lived up to the promise of your legacy? are we on the right track as a nation? >> oh, we'll get to all of that, barack. we'll get to that. but, first things first, did you -- did you see that girl, beyonce? [ laughter ] >> excuse me? >> that girl, beyonce. did you see her up there? 'cause i was like "what?" [ laughter ] >> well, beyonce. well yes, she is a very beautiful woman. >> beautiful?
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raquel welch was beautiful. beyonce is like "damn." [ laughter ] i had to keep pinching myself. i thought i was having another one of my famous dreams. [ laughter ] >> dr. king, come on. i mean, she was there to sing our national anthem. >> was she, though? "access hollywood" begs to differ. >> "access hollywood?" >> yeah, they said she was lip synching. and i was like "i care why? hashtag, jay-z is one lucky man." >> can we please discuss more important issues? there are very real changes facing this nation. >> speaking of change, what's up with michelle's bangs? >> i am sorry? >> her bangs. what, guest starring on the new girl? when she finally gets those bangs cut, she is going to be like i can see at last, thank god almighty, i can see at last.
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